Aquatics Director, Lifeguard Manager, & Waterfront Director - Perlman Camp
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Aquatics Director, Lifeguard Manager, & Waterfront Director

General Responsibility
To plan, direct, and supervise camp’s waterfront program.

Desired Qualifications:
· Must be at least 21 years old
· Training and experience in waterfront activities and management
· Ability to schedule and supervise staff
· Ability to maintain waterfront in excellent working condition
· Desire and ability to work with children
· Ability to accept guidance and supervision

Dates of Employment: June 10th- August 14th 2022


Specific Responsibilities
· Attend Leadership Week and Staff Training Week; instruct general counselors in their roles and responsibilities while at the waterfront.
· Supervise the safe operations of both the pool and lake.
· Conduct initial and end-of-season inventory.
· Conduct daily checks of area and equipment for safety, cleanliness, and good repair.
· Submit orders for equipment and supplies when needed, ensuring timely arrival of materials.
· Supervise all waterfront staff, giving both positive and constructive feedback on an ongoing basis.
· Ensure campers and staff know and understand all waterfront safety rules.
· Supervise programming in the following areas: canoeing, kayaking, swimming, sailing, paddle boarding and all activities on the aquapark
· Create (with help of lifeguarding staff) lesson plans and curriculums for all waterfront hobbies.
· Coordinate, supervise, and teach hobbies throughout the summer.
· Execute systems for staffing and coverage (utilizing both lifeguarding staff and general counselors) during all periods when children are at the waterfront.
· Give campers recognition and distribute awards when possible.
· Keep proper records for ACA, insurance, and Department of Health.
· Assist in packing all materials and supplies at the end of season.
· Be a positive, contributing member of the Leadership Team.

This is not meant to be a complete list of the responsibilities, additional responsibilities as given by supervisors or listed elsewhere in the staff manual also pertain.