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Camper Forms

The Importance of Forms

Completing camper forms in a timely manner is one of the most important things parents do prior to sending their children to camp.

To ensure the best summer for your camper, we rely on the detailed, personal information you provide.

We review the information along with our counselors, division leaders, medical staff, and camp clinicians.  We understand that some information is extremely personal in nature, and we respect your reluctance to want to disclose this to us. However, our commitment to partnering with your family relies on an honest description of your child, including their strengths and weaknesses, special talents, fears and ambitions, and so on.

Camper forms are due by May 1. If you register after May 1, please submit all forms to us within 10 days of registering. 

All forms and instructions are available through CampInTouch.

Each parent has a unique login and password. Contact Kelsey if you are having trouble logging in.

Below, you’ll find a list of forms you will need to fill out for your camper. Additional forms will be added as we get closer to camp.

Physician's Examination

This form must be completed by a physician. You can print this form out and have your child’s doctor fill it out. Then, please upload it to the Parent Portal.

Health History and Consent to Treat

This form is completed online, and gives our health center team information on your child’s health history. Your doctor’s office may require that you send them a copy of this completed form when they fill out the Physician’s Exam form. Once completed, you can download a copy of your form from the Parent Portal.

Camper Code of Conduct and Parent Release

This form is completed online and must be signed by the camper and a parent.

Camper Profile

Help us get to know your  camper better! This form is completed online.

This year, we have updated our Camper Profile form to include more information about your child. These questions are related to your child’s previous camp experience, family situation, physical and emotional health, personality, and interests. This information is invaluable in helping our camper care team and counselors to prepare for your child’s arrival at camp, and to ensure the best possible summer experience for your camper. 

Having prior knowledge about any of the above makes a tremendous difference in helping us to be sensitive to your child’s needs this summer. This information will only be shared with those directly involved in your child’s day-to-day care at camp. If there are any circumstances that you prefer to discuss directly rather than including on this form, please let us know.

Camper Information

This form is completed online. Please answer a few basic details about your camper!

Bunk and Bed Requests

Please fill this form out online to let us know if your camper would like to be in a bunk with another camper their age, or if they have a top or bottom bunk bed preference. You can learn more about bunk requests here.

Insurance Cards and Prescription Cards

Please scan and upload the front and back of your health insurance cards. Additionally, if you have separate prescription cards, please upload the front and back of these cards.

B'nai Mitzvah Tutoring

This form is completed online, and is optional. B’nai Mitzvah tutoring is available for campers who will have their B’nai mitzvah by December 31, 2021.