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Legacy Circle

For over 60 years, Perlman has created community and changed lives.

This impact would not have been possible without the ongoing generosity of our community. Thanks to donors like you, six decades of campers have learned to make a bed, live in a tent, score a goal, or perform a duet. Sixty summers have been bursting with lessons in watersports, athletics, arts, and Judaics. Countless moments have taught life skills through living with bunkmates, camping in nature, working as a team, or conquering new challenges.


Now Perlman’s Legacy Circle makes sure that Perlman will continue to create community and change lives for another 60 years. Legacy Circle members promise to support Perlman in their planned giving. Their commitments of all sizes help secure a stable financial future for scholarship, capital, and programming needs.

You can help future generations experience the same magical Perlman community. Join our Legacy Circle today to keep Perlman strong for decades to come.

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